Matheesha Pathirana

Matheesha Pathirana

Matheesha Pathirana, often hailed as a cricketing sensation from Sri Lanka, has garnered attention for his unique bowling style, which closely resembles that of the legendary Sri Lankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga. Known for his slingy action and ability to bowl yorkers consistently, Pathirana has made a mark as a promising fast bowler in the cricketing world.


Matheesha Pathirana hails from Sri Lanka, a country with a rich cricketing heritage. From a young age, Pathirana was recognized for his distinctive bowling style, which reminded many of Lasith Malinga, one of cricket’s most successful fast bowlers. This comparison not only brought him into the limelight but also added expectations for him to follow in the footsteps of a cricketing great.

Pathirana’s cricket journey began in his school days, where he showcased his talent and potential. His performances at the school level led to selections in junior and youth cricket tournaments, where he represented his country and continued to develop his skills.

Sporting Achievements

  • Youth International Cricket: Pathirana’s bowling prowess was on full display during his time with the Sri Lanka Under-19 cricket team. His performances in youth international cricket, including the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup, have been noteworthy. He made headlines for his ability to deliver balls at a significant pace with a slinging action, picking up crucial wickets and maintaining tight bowling figures.
  • Domestic Cricket: In domestic cricket, Pathirana has been a part of various competitions in Sri Lanka, where he has consistently been a threat to batsmen with his bowling. His ability to bowl at the death and execute Yorkers with precision has made him a valuable player for his domestic teams.
  • Indian Premier League (IPL) Involvement: Pathirana’s unique skill set caught the attention of IPL scouts, leading to his inclusion in the Indian Premier League. Being part of one of the world’s most prestigious T20 leagues at a young age is a testament to his potential and the expectations placed on him. His participation in the IPL provides him with an invaluable platform to hone his skills against some of the best players in the world and under the guidance of experienced coaches and mentors.

Matheesha Pathirana’s cricketing journey is still in its early stages, but his unique bowling style and early achievements have already made him a player to watch. As he continues to grow and gain experience at both the domestic and international levels, cricket fans and experts alike are eager to see how his career unfolds and whether he can live up to the legacy of Lasith Malinga, whose footsteps he is expected to follow.

Player Stats


List A2120831926264/324/3235.616.6831.9100

Batting & Fielding

List A21125205*2.858124.69002040