Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar is an Indian cricketer, known for his fast bowling. Born on October 23, 1993, in Gopalganj, Bihar, Mukesh has made significant strides in domestic cricket, representing Bengal in the Ranji Trophy and other domestic tournaments. With his right-arm medium pace, Mukesh has developed a reputation for being a consistent wicket-taker, capable of delivering crucial spells for his team. His ability to swing the ball both ways and maintain a disciplined line and length has made him a valuable asset to his teams.


Mukesh Kumar’s journey to professional cricket is marked by determination and hard work. Moving from Bihar to pursue better cricketing opportunities, Mukesh’s cricketing career began to take shape in Bengal, where he started playing club cricket and eventually made his way into the Bengal state team. His debut for Bengal in first-class cricket came in the 2015-2016 season, where he quickly made an impression with his bowling skills. Mukesh’s dedication to improving his game and his performances in domestic cricket have been instrumental in his rise as a fast bowler. Despite facing challenges, including competition for places and the need to consistently prove himself, Mukesh’s work ethic and resilience have seen him become a mainstay in the Bengal bowling attack.

Sporting Achievements

Mukesh Kumar’s sporting achievements highlight his impact in domestic cricket. He has been a key player for Bengal in the Ranji Trophy, where his wicket-taking ability and knack for bowling in challenging conditions have stood out. Mukesh has delivered several memorable spells in the tournament, contributing to Bengal’s success in recent years. His performances have not only been limited to red-ball cricket, as he has also been effective in limited-overs formats, showcasing his versatility as a bowler.

One of Mukesh’s notable achievements includes being one of the leading wicket-takers in the Ranji Trophy for Bengal, highlighting his consistency and effectiveness as a fast bowler. His ability to perform in crucial matches and take key wickets has earned him recognition and respect in the domestic circuit.

While Mukesh Kumar may not have yet made his debut for the Indian national team, his performances in domestic cricket keep him in contention for higher honors. His journey from a hopeful cricketer in Bihar to a key player for Bengal in domestic cricket exemplifies the pathways available for talented players in India, irrespective of their geographical or social background. Mukesh’s ongoing career is a testament to his hard work, talent, and the dream of representing India on the international stage.

Player Stats


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Batting & Fielding

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