Ayush Badoni

Ayush Badoni

Ayush Badoni is a promising talent in Indian cricket, showcasing potential as a middle-order batsman and part-time bowler. His performances in domestic cricket and the IPL have made him a player to watch for the future. Badoni’s ability to play under pressure and his knack for playing crucial innings have been notable, even in the early stages of his career.


Ayush Badoni’s cricketing journey began in Delhi, where he was born and raised. His talent was evident from a young age, leading to his involvement in various age-group tournaments and domestic cricket competitions. Badoni’s performances at the junior level, including the U-19 Cricket World Cup, highlighted his potential and batting prowess.

Making his mark initially in domestic cricket, Badoni’s skills were further recognized during his stint in the Indian Premier League. His debut in the IPL showcased his ability to adapt and perform at a higher level of competition, batting confidently against seasoned international bowlers.

Sporting Achievements

Although Ayush Badoni is at the beginning of what many hope will be a long and successful career, he has already shown glimpses of his talent and potential in the matches he has played. In the IPL, Badoni impressed with his mature batting performances, playing some crucial innings for his team under pressure situations. His ability to handle spin and pace bowling with equal ease has been a standout feature of his batting.

In domestic cricket, Badoni has contributed significant performances for his state team, showcasing his skill as a middle-order batsman who can stabilize the innings and accelerate when needed. His part-time off-spin bowling adds an additional dimension to his game, providing his team with a valuable all-round option.

As Ayush Badoni continues to develop his game and gain experience, he is expected to achieve further success and potentially represent India at the international level. His early career achievements set a solid foundation for a promising future in cricket.

Player Stats

Batting & Fielding

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