Anuj Rawat

Anuj Rawat

Anuj Rawat is an Indian cricketer known for his wicket-keeping and left-handed batting skills. Born on October 17, 1999, in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, Rawat has emerged as a promising talent in India’s domestic cricket circuit and has made notable contributions in the Indian Premier League (IPL). His proficiency behind the stumps, coupled with his ability to open the innings or play in the middle order, makes him a versatile player.


Anuj Rawat’s cricketing journey began in the scenic locales of Uttarakhand, where his passion for the game was nurtured from a young age. Seeking better cricketing opportunities, Rawat moved to Delhi, where he began playing cricket more seriously and representing the state in various age-group competitions. His performances at the junior level were impressive, leading to his debut for the Delhi senior team in domestic cricket.

Rawat’s ability to perform consistently as a batsman and his skills as a wicket-keeper quickly made him a crucial player for Delhi. His performances in the Ranji Trophy and other domestic tournaments showcased his potential and caught the attention of IPL scouts.

Sporting Achievements

Anuj Rawat’s sporting achievements are marked by his impactful performances in domestic cricket and his contributions in the IPL. In domestic cricket, Rawat has been a consistent performer for Delhi, contributing valuable runs at the top of the order and effecting crucial dismissals behind the stumps. His ability to build innings and accelerate when needed has been evident through several noteworthy innings.

In the IPL, Anuj Rawat has been part of multiple franchises, showcasing his talent on the larger stage. His performances in the IPL, including impactful innings as an opener and middle-order batsman, have highlighted his adaptability and prowess in the shorter format of the game. Additionally, Rawat’s wicket-keeping skills have added value to his teams, making him a sought-after player in the tournament.

Rawat’s journey from playing in Uttarakhand to making a mark in domestic cricket and the IPL serves as an inspiration to many young cricketers. As he continues to develop his game and gain experience, Anuj Rawat is seen as a promising talent who could make significant contributions to Indian cricket in the future.

Player Stats

Batting & Fielding

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