Umran Malik

Umran Malik

Umran Malik is an Indian cricketer known for his exceptionally fast bowling. Born on November 22, 1999, in Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, Malik has gained significant attention in the cricketing world for his ability to consistently bowl at speeds exceeding 150 km/h. His raw pace and aggression make him one of the most exciting young fast bowlers in India. Malik’s emergence on the international scene has been met with enthusiasm, as India has long sought a bowler of his speed and talent.


Umran Malik’s journey to professional cricket is a story of rapid rise and immense potential. Initially, he played tennis ball cricket in Jammu, where his natural speed with the ball was evident. His talent was soon recognized, and he transitioned to playing with the leather ball, making his mark in local tournaments and eventually in the Jammu & Kashmir team in domestic cricket.

Malik’s breakthrough came during the 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL) season when he was called up as a net bowler for Sunrisers Hyderabad. An injury to a team member led to Malik being included in the playing squad, where he made an immediate impact by clocking some of the fastest deliveries of the tournament. His performances in the IPL showcased his raw pace and ability to trouble even the best batsmen in the world.

Sporting Achievements

Umran Malik’s sporting achievements, though in the early stages of his career, are notable for the impact he has made in a short period. In the IPL, Malik has been recognized for bowling some of the fastest deliveries in the history of the tournament, including consistently bowling at speeds of 150 km/h and above. His ability to generate such pace consistently has made him a standout player and a talking point among cricket fans and experts alike.

Following his impressive performances in the IPL, Malik was called up to the Indian national team, making his debut in T20 Internationals. His inclusion in the team is seen as a move to harness his raw pace and develop his potential to serve Indian cricket in the years to come.

Malik’s impact is not just limited to his speed; his growing skill set, including developing variations and working on his accuracy, is a sign of his evolving game. As he gains more experience at the domestic and international levels, his contributions to his teams are expected to become even more significant.

Umran Malik represents an exciting prospect for Indian cricket, embodying the raw talent and speed that can potentially make him one of the leading fast bowlers in the world. His journey from playing tennis ball cricket in Jammu to representing India on the international stage is an inspirational story of talent, hard work, and rapid rise in the world of cricket.

Player Stats


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Batting & Fielding

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