TATA IPL 2024 Playoff Scenarios Explained

TATA IPL 2024 Playoff Scenarios Explained

As the exciting 17th season of IPL reaches its peak, the battle for Playoffs spots is as intense as it gets. Here’s what the teams need to do to secure three available spots and join Kolkata Knight Riders in the final four.

Rajasthan Royals have played 12 matches, accumulating 16 points with a Net Run Rate of 0.349. They have two more matches remaining, against Punjab Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. Both matches are scheduled to be held at Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati on May 15 and May 19, 2024, respectively.

Rajasthan Royals have not yet secured their playoffs spot and there are three other teams in contention – Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Lucknow Super Giants – each with the potential to reach 16 points or more. However, RR are in a much better position. If LSG lose to DC on May 14, RR will qualify. But if LSG win, then one win will help RR qualify for the Playoffs. Two wins will guarantee them a top-two finish, and even if they win one and have a net run rate above SRH, they will finish in top two. 

Even if RR lose both their matches, they are likely to be in the safe zone. Lucknow Super Giants have a considerable challenge ahead, given that their Net Run Rate stands at -0.769. It will take a gargantuan effort for them to improve their run rate and go past RR’s (0.349), even with two wins in their remaining matches. Nonetheless, RR cannot afford to be complacent and must aim to secure wins in both matches. 

Chennai Super Kings played 13 matches with 14 points and a Net Run Rate of 0.528. They have one more match left, against Royal Challengers Bengaluru, and it’s an away match at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru on May 18, 2024

CSK’s strong net run rate places them in a favourable position to secure a spot in the top four if they emerge victorious against RCB in their final match. However, should they fail to win, their qualification hopes will depend on other results. They would need either SRH or LSG to lose one of their matches and finish below 16 points in the standings to boost their chances. Additionally, if CSK suffer a loss, they must ensure that their margin of defeat is minimal to maintain their advantage over RCB in terms of run rate. Furthermore, if both SRH and LSG finish with 14 or fewer points, it creates the possibility for both CSK and RCB to qualify with 14 points each.

Sunrisers Hyderabad have played 12 matches, amassing 16 points with a good Net Run Rate of 0.406. They have two remaining matches, against Gujarat Titans and Punjab Kings, both scheduled to be held at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad, on May 16 and 19, 2024, respectively. Despite their current standing, SRH will aim to secure victories in these matches to further solidify their position for the playoffs.

SRH’s superior run rate compared to LSG’s provides them with a considerable advantage, and securing just one win in their two remaining games should be sufficient to ensure their qualification for the playoffs. Furthermore, two victories could potentially elevate them to contention for a top-two finish. However, if they were to lose both matches, their playoff hopes could be jeopardized, as both CSK and RCB could leapfrog them in the standings based on Net Run Rate. 

Royal Challengers Bengaluru Royal Challengers Bengaluru have played 13 matches, accumulating 12 points and a Net Run Rate of 0.387. They have one more match left, against Chennai Super Kings, and it’s a home match at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru on May 18, 2024.

It’s a must-win match for RCB and even if they win, they will have to depend on the other results to go their way. They would need SRH to lose both and LSG to lose at least one of their two games. In any scenario, they would look to beat CSK (0.528) by a decent margin, which takes their net run rate higher than CSK’s. If the other results go their way, RCB stand a good chance of qualifying for the Playoffs with a better Net Run Rate than CSK.  

Delhi Capitals played 13 matches with 12 Points and a Net Run Rate of -0.482. They have one more match left, against Lucknow Super Giants, and it’s a home match at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi, on May 14, 2024

DC’s best chance lies in SRH suffering significant defeats in their final two matches, CSK emerging victorious against RCB, and LSG winning no more than one game while maintaining a run rate below that of DC. With their dependence on so many difficult and complicated permutations, combinations, and calculations, their chances look slim.

Lucknow Super Giants have completed 12 matches in the IPL 2024 season, amassing a total of 12 points while maintaining a Net Run Rate of -0.769. They have two remaining fixtures, against Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians, both of which are away matches scheduled to take place at Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi, and Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, on May 14 and 17, 2024, respectively.

LSG’s low net run rate places them in a challenging position where they have to win both their matches to stay in contention. And not just that, they will need the other results to go their way, as even upon reaching 16 points, they could still find themselves trailing behind CSK and SRH, who boast of significantly better net run rates. Even in the scenario where the Rajasthan Royals were to lose both matches, the likelihood of LSG surpassing them in terms of run rate remains highly unlikely. Consequently, the probability of LSG qualifying for the playoffs is very low.

Gujarat Titans have completed 12 matches in the IPL 2024 season, amassing a total of 10 points while maintaining a very low Net Run Rate of -1.063. With two remaining fixtures against Kolkata Knight Riders, a home match at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad on May 13, 2024, and Rajasthan Royals, an away match at Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati on May 19, 2024. 

GT’s chances of qualifying for the playoffs this season are virtually non-existent. Their poor net run rate of -1.063 combined with the need for other results to go in their favor, makes it highly improbable for them to advance to the playoffs.

Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings have played 13 and 12 matches, respectively, in the IPL 2024 season, accumulating 8 points each, and they are no longer in the Playoffs race.


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